Only the strongest survive in the fashion industry

You need to respond quickly to changes if you want to keep up in the fashion industry – not only when you’re developing new collections, but also when you’re attending fashion fairs.

In cooperation with Danish fashion brand JACK & JONES, Easyfair has developed a flexible exhibition concept that fits an industry driven by speed and constant changes.

Case facts

Client Jack & Jones

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Jack & Jones, Ciff, København 2017

The exhibition stand should deliver a total experience for the visitor

When fashion brands attend fashion fairs, it’s not just about presenting new collections. For creative and administrative managers, the challenge is also about creating an experience for the visitor.

The Jack & Jones stand is designed to clearly reflect its brand universe. The blue area represents a casual look with t-shirts and jeans. The black area represents a clean Scandinavian look with sharp silhouettes.

“We assist JACK & JONES with everything related to their fair participation. This also includes technical tasks. Often, collections come together at the very last moment. This means that we need to react quickly and always take a results-oriented approach.

We relieve the Jack & Jones team of many practical tasks so that they can concentrate on the tons of little things that pile up just before a fashion week. In other words, we do what we do best, so that they can do the same.”

– Thomas Egebjerg, craftsman at Easyfair. 

Jack & Jones, Panorama, Berlin 2017

Flexible and divided into zones

JACK & JONES has a flexible exhibition concept that can be scaled as needed. The stand is divided into zones with individual themes. The bar and lounge area in the middle makes room for building relations with guests.

What a missing stand can teach us about trust

Shipping company: “We can’t find your stand, and we don’t know if we will be able to locate it on time.”

These words may be some of the worst you can hear just before opening the doors to a fair. But these were the words that met the Jack & Jones team just before CIFF in Copenhagen.

The Panorama Fashion Fair in Berlin had just ended, and the stand had been dismantled and prepared for shipment. But due to an error at the shipping company, the stand had not been shipped properly – and nobody knew where it was.

What do you do when everything goes wrong?

Nobody knew if the stand would be located on time. But the day before the stand had to be ready in Copenhagen, the Easyfair team received a call. The stand had been located in Berlin.

”We had to react quickly and set the right processes in motion.

The goods were shipped from Berlin, and on arrival in Copenhagen we had a team of 12 ready to handle the construction. We worked all night and at 3 a.m., we sent a text message to the Jack & Jones team letting them know that the stand was ready for handover at the pre-arranged time.

Even though we could not be blamed for the stand being lost in Berlin, it was important for us to help solve the issue and deliver on time. That’s really what our work is all about.”

Emil Hansen, project manager at Easyfair

Who is Jack & Jones?

Jack & Jones is part of the international Bestseller company with 15,000 multi-brand retail stores in 30 countries worldwide. The Jack & Jones brand has more than 1,000 Jack & Jones stores worldwide.

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