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As a consultancy company, NIRAS needs to send the right signal to its clients

Since 2004, Easyfair has helped NIRAS (formerly Alectia Brew and Danbrew) with 20 different exhibition projects that have helped the consultancy company stand out from the crowd

How NIRAS attracts attention

NIRAS typically attends trade shows with many white, clinical stands. The stand for NIRAS stands out through the use of warm shades and materials. It’s the small and carefully thought-out details that make the difference.

”It’s important that we take pride in what we do. So, when a project or a design has room for improvement, we always talk to our clients about it.”

– Steffen Weis, project manager at Easyfair

We know our clients

”Looking back at the past 20 NIRAS projects, you clearly see the journey we have taken. With each new project, we aim to improve the design and the expression.

Because we know our client’s history and needs, we are able to create a solution that works – each time. The better we know our client, the less time we need to take from their busy schedule. We see the big picture – and the client is able to spend their time on something else.”

– Søren Kilde, Easyfair

Who is NIRAS?

NIRAS is among the leading consulting engineering companies in Scandinavia. With a wide range of expertise that includes processing plants, building, energy, environment, infrastructure, development consulting and urban planning, NIRAS provides solutions to some of the biggest challenges in society.

Merger created a need for flexibility

In 2017, Alectia merged with NIRAS. With the merger, the company gained a broader local and global scope, combined with a wider range of expertise. The company is now working with Easyfair to create a new and flexible exhibition concept that the local offices will be able to book as needed – and which can be scaled up or down from trade show to trade show.

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Søren Kilde
Managing director, Owner

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