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How to make a rental solution look like a customized stand

At Easyfair, we have clients from many exciting industries. Rockdelta is one of them. Rockdelta, which is a subsidiary of the Rockwool Group, specialises in vibration control and structure protection for rail tracks.

Since 2010, we have made it easy for Rockdelta to showcase their products and services at trade shows. With a professional rental solution, the company is able to put together precisely the modules they need from time to time – and with bespoke visuals, the stand always looks as if it has been customized for each individual event. 

Stand out from the crowd: Rockdelta’s identity is showcased through bespoke visuals

Rockdelta chose a rental solution. Maybe that’s the right solution for you, too?

With a rental solution, Rockdelta has gained great flexibility. The company is able to scale the scope and size of the stand as needed. And through visuals and details, a unique and personal touch is added to the stand’s overall appearance.

Your advantages:

* Great setup flexibility
* Smaller investment
* Unique design 
* No storage costs

Don’t worry about the practical details

The construction team from Easyfair makes sure that every detail is in place when the doors to the trade show opens, from coffee machine and fridge to furniture and coat rack.

”There are many details to remember when you’re attending a trade show. We help Rockdelta with every practical detail related to the event – from start to finish. This gives the sales representatives more time to prepare.”

– Thomas Egebjerg, craftsman at Easyfair

Get far with less

Standard doesn’t have to be boring white walls without expression.

Even with standard modules, you are able to create a unique expression that clearly reflects the identity and products of your business. Simply choose the modules that match your space and wishes, and we will design the right visuals to make the stand reflect your profile.

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Søren Kilde
Managing director, Owner

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