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Why Scandinavian Designed chose Easyfair three years in a row for its stand at IMM in Cologne

As a business owner and marketing manager, you know that a lot is at stake when you attend a trade show. You have to strengthen business relations and grow your network. You have to brand your company and build trust. And everyone – even your competitors – can see your mistakes and flaws.

Everything should to run smoothly from start to finish

When employees of the rapidly growing company Scandinavian Design prepare for the international furniture fair IMM in Cologne, they face the same challenge each year. Their stand must reflect the company’s identity and values in its design, colors and materials.

– and everything must be ready for show start

”We have worked with Easyfair for the past three years on the design, construction and installation of our IMM stand in Cologne. They are extremely professional, punctual and helpful – and they provide a level of service that goes beyond the expected.”

– Christian Rudolph, Managing Director at Scandinavian Design

Everything needs to be ready for show start at 9:00 a.m.

We assist Scandinavian Design with everything from start to finish – including the unforeseen challenges. This enables the Scandinavian Design team to concentrate on welcoming their guests to the stand.

When you’re attending a trade show, it’s about more than just having a well-designed stand. It’s every detail surrounding the trade show. Having sales representatives ready to welcome your visitors will not make a difference if your stand looks half-finished or you have forgotten to obtain the necessary permits.

Standard modules with a unique design

Founded by Christian and Cathrine Rudolph, Scandinavian Design has had great success selling their retro-inspired furniture to retail chains all over the world.

The stand uses modules from the previous year’s trade show design, but with a new and eye-catching twist.

Scandinavian Design wanted a stand with an exclusive look. Velour cushions were placed on the back wall to add texture and warmth.

The stand is designed to attract attention. To shield the view to the stand while still piquing curiosity, small squares were added to the black lamellas that surround the stand.

A flexible system that can be used again and again

Scandinavian Design has a flexible stand system with standard modules. This means that the stand can be used again and again. When the trade show is over, the Easyfair team makes sure that everything is carefully dismantled, wrapped and shipped to Denmark, where it is stored until the next trade show.

To a design company, colors are not just colors. They create harmony and show that you are keeping up with trends and tendencies

The teams from Easyfair and Scandinavian Design collaborated closely to find the right expression for the stand.

”Christian had a very specific wish for the color surrounding the tv screen on the stand. He showed us a mug in the color ‘gun metallic” and we found a shade that matched it perfectly.”

Søren Kilde, managing director at Easyfair

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