Second Female

“We had reached a point in some of our markets where we had to rethink to continue growing. So when we were offered to open 5 shops in a new chain in the Netherlands, we thought it was an exciting opportunity ”. 

- Nicoline Florin, Key Account Manager & PR at Second Female 

It was important to create a shop concept that can position Second Female as a modern fashion brand with an international character - and that matches our profile for many years. 

Second Female is known for its feminine and sophisticated expression, which has references to Scandinavian values. Care was taken to create a visual expression that reflects the brand's focus on effortless luxury and functionality. 

New shop concept must pave the way for continued growth 

If the fashion brand Second Female is to continue to grow, it is necessary to constantly think in new ways. The company wanted to create a shop concept that can be used across markets and that clearly reflects the company's brand universe. 

The result was a stylish brand concept for 5 brand new department stores in the Netherlands - which in the future can be used in all markets.


Clever Scandinavian Design