"Together with our skilled and carefully selected designers, it is our ambition to create timeless and functional design that makes everyday life a little more beautiful."

This philosophy has been our guiding principle at Easy Fair for the past 5 years. In close collaboration with Stelton, our exhibition designs have been developed, focusing on reusing the timeless elements that primarily constitute the stands.

5 years of collaboration

"We quickly felt in safe hands. We immediately sensed how we could collaborate on design and exhibition setup, with a balance of economy and budget."

"Furthermore, it's a pleasure to collaborate with the team at the exhibitions. The fact that Easy Fair has a dedicated team of contractors who know each other, are accustomed to working together, and operate as a team, convinced us to try a collaboration."

"Easy Fair receives our highest recommendations. Adherence to schedules for setup and preparation of the exhibition stands is incredibly important, and here Easy Fair fully meets our expectations."

- Anne Marie Raaschou-Nielsen, Creative Manager

Rezas Plates