Urtekram is a Danish company that since 1972 has had its mission to help Danes to a healthier everyday life with organic and sustainable products.

You need to have the courage to stand out 

In Denmark and in the Nordic countries, Urtekram is a well-known brand. It requires an extra effort abroad - and courage - to create awareness. The new exhibition stand has helped to ensure this.  

“Even when we were presented with the first sketch, we could feel that Easyfair was the right partner for us. The stand was very different and braver than we had imagined. And that was exactly what we needed - to challenge the traditional trade fair stand ”.

“When Urtekram travels outside the Nordic region, we are no longer a well-known brand. To attract attention, we need to stand out from the competition. With a stand like this, many potential customers have come by out of sheer curiosity. And we have received incredibly very positive attention at all the fairs we have been to with the stand ”.

- Marie Therese Nielsen, Brand Export Manager at Urtekram


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