NIRAS is one of Scandinavia's leading consulting engineering companies. With a broad field of expertise in processing plants, industry and construction, to energy, environment, water & supply for infrastructure, development assistance and urban planning, NIRAS contributes to solutions to a wide range of the biggest societal challenges.

This is how NIRAS creates attention in the trade fair

The type of trade fairs that NIRAS exhibits at are often characterized by white, clinical stands. The exhibition stand for NIRAS stands out by using warm shades and materials. It is the small, well-chosen details that make the difference.

“When we look back at the 20 projects we have done with NIRAS, you can clearly see the journey we have been on. Common to all projects is that we always try to change the design and expression.

Because we know our customer's history and needs well, we are able to make good solutions every time. We also find that the better we know the customer, the less of the customer's time we spend. We have an overview - so the customer can spend their time on something else. ”

- Søren Kilde, Easyfair


BabyDan Vilofoss