Vilofoss specializes in tailored farm blends for animal production, as well as unique products such as milk replacers and disinfectants, addressing specific needs within the agricultural sector.

Vilofoss has a scalable and flexible exhibition stand

“We were looking for an exhibition system that could be scaled and set up with 2 hands. It was also important that it could be sent by car and that we could easily adapt it as needed. Easyfair provided the solution, and the collaboration has since developed into stands from 9m2 to 140m2. Visitors have always praised our stand."

- Kenneth P. Madsen, Marketing Manager at Vilofoss

Flexible modules that can be scaled as needed

When Vitfoss is going to a fair, they contact Easyfair, who helps them put together a concept that fits the size and budget of the individual fair. Since 2011, Easyfair has helped Vilofoss with 35 fair projects.

Vilofoss' trade fair concept consists of white wall modules that can be easily put together in different ways and in different sizes. With small – but effective tools – such as lights and foils, Vilofoss can change expressions and messages from fair to fair.

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